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Elite Medical Care Ambulance Transport Services - Fort Bend and Harris County

About Us

Texas Critical Care was founded in 2008 with the vision of providing quality Medical Care Ambulance Transport Services. Equipped with the latest technology and highly trained staff, the mission is to provide quality lifesaving transport care to patients.

Texas Critical Care meets all standards for emergency response protocols that are set by the State and City Authorities. Licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a "Mobile Intensive Care Unit", this is the highest level provider license that is obtained and a rarity among hundreds of Ambulance providers in South East Texas!

From a phone call to the ER, the patients care is the utmost lookout. Our pre-hospital emergency specialists (medics) are dedicated to comfort the patient at every level (acute medical or trauma patients).

Our ambulances are configured as an MICU with the latest technology and staffed with certified and highly trained medics which allows us to transport patients with high standard of care. Our staff consist of critical care certified EMTs, Intermediate and Paramedic which enables us to dispatch our fleet to any call within minutes.

Our well maintained ambulances carrying 12 lead EKG Monitor/defibrillators, transport ventilators, CPAP, ETCO2, SPO2 monitoring equipment and emergency medications that follows current ACLS guidelines.

Our Services

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Texas Critical Care has a proven record of transferring critical care conditioned patients between facilities as per the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Our ambulances are equipped with the latest technology such as 12 lead EKG Monitor/Defibrillators, Transport Ventilators, CPAP, ETCO2, SPO2 Monitoring, IV Therapy Equipment and Emergency Medications that follow current ACLS guidelines.

Advanced Life Support

Texas Critical Care Ambulance has enhanced its capabilities by adding the Advanced Life Support Services.

This service requires medical monitoring and care by a Texas Department of State Health Services certified paramedic and may include Intubation, EKG Monitoring and IV Therapy.

Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are fully equipped with the latest lifesaving technology. Highly trained, licensed medics who are skilled in providing emergency medical care, basic airway management, orthopedic care, non-invasive inter-facility transports, and emergency response.

Patient’s condition are monitored regularly and required actions are taken which include breathing and circulation, CPR, defibrillation and control external bleeding.

Wheelchair Transport

Texas Critical Care provides WTS for medical and non-emergency medical services to assist our wheelchair-bound clients with their needs, such as:

1. Medical treatments like Radiology & Dialysis
2. Hospital Discharges
3. Doctors appointments
4. Out-patient post-surgery
5. To and from Rehabilitation Centre
6. To and from Healthcare Facilities

Special Events

Texas Critical Care provides an ambulance services as a standby coverage for any private events.

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